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Elm Burl dining table featuring walnut center piece, rib inlays, and modern art deco inspired base.

Handmade with traditional and modern woodworking techniques in Oregon.

Spec piece made in collaboration with MSA Design Works

A note from the creator:

After flattening, the original elm slab was slightly short of a dining table sized width, so I cut it down the middle, flipped the pieces, and added a 4" walnut centerpiece. This created the desired width and a different take on what is considered a "live edge" table.

I opted to fill the negative space with 1" walnut rib inlays, which also adds to the usable space of the table as well.

The walnut base features elm burl sides sourced from the same tree as the top. Aesthetically, the base was inspired by art deco suspension bridges of the early 20th century. Features entirely book-matched walnut pieces on each side, creating a mirror like effect down the center seam of the table.

Extremely proud of this build, the entire process from designing to finishing was an exercise in creativity and patience.

The table measures approximately:

L: 80"

W: 34"

H: 32"

Item available for local pickup/ delivery or can be shipped along the I-5 corridor from WA to CA. Anywhere else is the US, you must arrange for shipping.

Elm Burl dining table featuring walnut center piece and rib inlays

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