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These Silver Maple slabs are just gorgeous! They are streaked with ideal spalting throughout to give them beautiful color patterns.

Maple remains the most popular and sought-after wood for spalting, which is a result of its wide, white sapwood, that creates an ideal 'canvas' for the fungi to work its magic.

Spalted wood is highly coveted due to its distinguished black wavy streaks that give each hardwood piece an undeniable level of detail and visual appeal.

Pieces measure approximately:

36" x 30"- 35" x 1½"- 2" = $150- $200

37" x 27" x 1½"- 2½" = $125- $210

*some shelf sized pieces available, too!

Contact us for more details on individual sizes or to set up a time to come check them out.

This item is available for local pickup/ delivery.

Shipping will be calculated at purchase or message us if you'd like an estimate.

Incredible color and figure Silver Maple slabs

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