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Quarter sawn Oak boards

Greetings from Oregon Wood Slabyrinth!

We have some very nice Oak boards available! These boards have been quarter sawn for structural and visual appeal.

Quarter sawn oak is more structurally sound and resists cupping, twisting, warping, moisture penetration, and raised grain. One of the most sought after features of quarter sawn wood is the flecks and the rays that appear on the face of the boards as a result of cutting along the growth rings. In oak wood especially, these flecks and rays can be quite dramatic and add a unique, striking quality to the wood.

Pieces measure approximately:

89" x 9¾" x 2"

Quantity: 7

$120 each

90" x 8" x 2"

Quantity: 13

$100 each or

$1,700 for the whole unit

Contact us for more details or to setup a time to come check them out.

If whole unit is purchased: Items available for local pickup/ delivery or can be shipped along the I-5 corridor from WA to CA. Anywhere else is the US, you must arrange for shipping.

Individual item shipping will be calculated at purchase or message us if you'd like an estimate.

Quarter sawn Oak boards

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